Wednesday, December 27, 2006


Tropical Fish...great book!!

Doreen Baingana

Hey you can be a great writter and be attractive!

D. @ a press conference!

I this book, I went to Barnes & Nobles and wanted to real local and this book attracted me right the way....+ I've never read any books by someone of that part of Africa.

It's the story of three very # sisters who fight with finding their own ways after the death of an alcoholic father, the spread of Aids in Uganda, the poverty after the Idi Amin regime, the question of whether or not 2 stay in a comfortable but boring West or going back to help an Africa that we have to re-learn (whether or not we want to admit after a long stay abroad)

Very, & I'll repeat it again very well written wonders Doreen is a poet as well. I mean her descriptions are so vivid and colorful..It's really rare for me find a writer that expresses herself so beautifuly and inocently...I loved the book couldn't put it down..

Doreen was the acclaimed prize winner of the Washington Independent Writers Fiction prize in 2004, she also received a law degree , & won the Caine Prize for African Writting.

She uses a bit of her personal life as inspiration as well as the cause of the dev' of women in her country Uganda.

She chose to live both in Uganda and the States that she calls home.

She's part of that new diaspora of women who are proud of their origins but are also smart to use what they've learned in the Western World.

Anywhoo if you wanna know more about her, here's an interview of her:

Djaa Ugandan Women are Interesting:)
Eyee Wayee:)

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DiAmOnD hawk said...

i'll be sure to look out for this book next time I go to Borders... I've been trying to expand my reading least that is my goal for next year