Wednesday, December 06, 2006


$15.00 I just couldn't resist..precious!
$6.99 (South African tale...I don't person' know you??!!)


$17.22 (Nelson M.favorite tales) 11.40 Euros (cute cover)

13.30 Euros (contes egyptien..would be nice to teach your children or nephews, nieces..ect)
15.20 Euros (contes du Tchad)

30.40 Euros (les contes Malien sont passionant ...!!)

16.15 Euros(conte Marocain)

3.75 Euros

9.50 Euros(conte Algerien)
16.83 Euros (reminds me of my childhood)

17.10 Euros (Tieuye Kirikou ...)

10.45 Euros

8.98 Euros (As African children, we've all heard of crocodiles stories right?

14,29 Euros

The end of the year whether you are Christian, Muslim, whatever faith you belong to is a time of giving to people you care about. Children, above all enjoy that season so why not give them things that will remind them of their heritage.
As a kid I loved books, my mother (tx mommy) shared the gift of reading with me early on..and I'm so thankful for that...

One of my fav' gifts to make or give to someone is a great read...because if they enjoy and learn som' ..they will forever cherish it...

Djaa African Children will celebrate the Holidays African Style:)
Eyee Wayee:)

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