Tuesday, December 05, 2006


Aight my people, just a few ideas of gifts for friends, yourselves, your boos...me ...
Anyways you can find all albums on Virgin for the most part.

Also the prices listed are the on-line prices. I've used this before and it's great and I receive my cds quite quickly...

I'll add more as time goes...

Djaa African Music is MORE FIYA:)
Eyee Wayeee:)

Zouk 2006, 9.99 Euros
ABD al Malik, congolese rap artist de son etat , 9.99 euros (found him Passyna:)
Leslie, 9.99 Euros (the Queen of French R&B)
Soul Zouk, 14.99 Euros
Rai & R& B Forever, 9.99 Euros (arabic grooves +R&B)
Ismael Lo last album , 9.99 euros (il a pris 1 coup de vieux qd meme)
One of the most popular west african bands that people of all nationalites love without knowing (ah premier gaou ...) love this album 9.99 euros
Last cb by Cesaria E. $9.99
New Mory Kante (Mr Yekkeke...lol) 9.99 euros
Lura, 9.99 euros
Perle Lama , 9.99 euros (la go est sexy hun.)
Ketekuba, new LP by Africando $9.99..I can't tell u how proud i am when i go to a spanish club and they're playing Africando...tchi kanam my people
For the salsa lovers.African stylo, $16.99

I see u wining up on the floor....lol $9.99
Afroevolution , $26.21 ..hip hop compil..dont sleep on these compils sometimes they have the best tracks

Salif Keita, $16.99

Oumou Sangare my gal (man her voice can give you chills)

Brenda Fassie (some of you may know her for the electric slide song..mmm club goers..lol..$10.99

Meiway, $5 online for the next week

Afrobeat, $28.98 ...I never really got into afrobeat..but here it is for some of y'all

West African Beats, &12.97

Mauriania Sounds, $13.98

African Chill,$15.98

Africa Groove (I own this cd..and its great..great R&B, Hip Hop tracks from the A.Diaspora)$13.99

Pure North Africa: A Selection of North African Essentials , $15,98

African Music for children, $14.98

South African Gospel (good for the soul ) 15.98$

Acoustic Africa , don't have yet but feautre the like of Habib Koita,$13.99
$5.99 at Virgins
Africa Remix (1 of my favourite cds this year...love it ...very ecclectic) sounds from senegal, mauritania, sierra leone, mali, guinea...a bit of everywhere...love it

The best of Angelque Kidjo , $10.99 (my fav' singer +oumou sangar
If you have never heard the beautiful voice of Rokia Traore, this could be a nice present for someone who would love to hear tradional beats in a sweet voice...1 of my fav' cds..all time

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