Tuesday, December 19, 2006


Smart is attractive right..??

Commission for Africa

Lord..why Lord..cos in my opinion he's a don...!!
I don't know many "African somebody"who are trully ....trully holdin it down in the global business word in strategic and key postions.

Well Mr Thiam Tidjane could be used in example ..At the attractive age of 44 (attractive because I want to believe that at that point men are a bit more mature) is the Group Strategy & Development Director of the 7th largest insurance company of the world...perdiod!!

How many African people can claim that title...tell me cos I want to be proven wrong!
Tidjane started his career as an International consultant for McKinsey&Company, which led him to various positions all throughout Europe.

In 1994 , his country called for the son prodigue to come back to sweet Ivory Coast to be elelcted as the first Ivorian Chief Executive Officer of the National Bureau for Technical Studies and Development .

When in 1999 the political climate in Ivory Coast was degenerating he relocated to Paris.

In 2002 , Aviva was smart enough to snatch from McKinsey and the rest is history.
Bottom line persistance, smart and good work ethics can pay off sometimes

Djaa Ivory Coast est dans le chaud:)
Eyee Wayee:)

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