Tuesday, December 12, 2006


So Glamourous (why can't our African men appreciate authentic beauty hun??!!)

Sensual dans son elle!

Chic/Boheme Seventies style:)

Beautiful Colors:)

Touch of feminite:)

Sensual & Elegant!

African Print!

Bold dans son tombyism (lol new words..new words de quoi reveiller Senghor...sorry pape:)

Tonight is friday nite ..let's let loose!!

So blase and antilope-like!

Don't like this pic..but just for the expression of art ...there u have it!!

Afrique mon Afrique...how I miss you! (now I Feel the depth of your prose Senghor..)

Another 1 of us reppin for us on the runaway (u know the drill by now..:)
Well Sonja Wanda is from Sudan but grew up in Norway.

At 5ft9 and size 4, she's modelled for the likes of BabyPhat, ,Marc Jacobs, Rafael Lopez,Kenzo,Catherine Malandrino,MaxMara (whose clothes i love ..if i had the $$)

Djaa Sudanese Women are Incredibly Beautiful:)

Eyee Wayee:)

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Anonymous said...

Sonja is the best model I think today!