Wednesday, December 27, 2006


Catholic Church in Asmara built in the thirties

A kitchen 800 BC (Waouh...that's crazy that we are able to see what they used to look like)

Asmara Damara Bar & Pension

Asmara, Chapel and Cemetary during Italian colonisation

You never know who you trully are, untill you know where you come from...right?

Amen to that statement, well in the City of Asmara the local people are fighting to keep the authencity of their city...

Let me explain, rewind !!...back in 1889, Italy took over the little town of Asmara and changed its face forever. In the late 1930's ,Architects were given full power to use their imagination and turn the little town into a modern cityat the image of Rome, thus the name Piccola Roma, (Little Rome)..

During that time pizzerias, icecream parlors were built ...even today, decades later Asmara still have historical sites such as a nineteenth century fort, the Eritrean Railway, the Roman Catholic Church.

The UNESCO is looking into adding the city of Asmara into the World Heritage Sites (ABS' SHOULD!!)...

Briefly , even though this city carries the Italian influence in its structure,

IT IS PART OF ITS PAST!!..and it's a testimony of colonisation..therefore should be kept as such to show new generations or people like me a part of our past as Africans.

Djaa Eritrean people are Proud:)
Eyee Wayee:)

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