Tuesday, December 05, 2006


Almond Supple Oil...THE BEST.....I recomend this...excellent for the skin..worth the 30$...
Foot rest ...ah so needed in those boots..or heels ..just use a bit of this product in the bath for 419.50 because your feet are worth it...lol

Natural cocoa scrub bar..natural product for your shower minute $10.00
Ginger body cream...really good for the skin as well $26.00

Natural body combo (really good ..I use it)
For the choco lovers and naughty people...mm on se connait ...set $30.0

Coconut duo for mademoiselle's skin ..just $20.00 guys

Love butter...u know just to give her skin softness & great elasticity..we need that african women..i dont care what no one says...$20.00
Kimmora Lee chocolate shimmering powder, $24.00
Nadira gift set...moroccan scent..really nice for your mumsy, or 1 of those "euss aunty" lol..
Sephora Brush Set , $32.00 classy and elegant

Vanille set...You know how you fellas love for your woman 2 smell yummy...it's just $30.00

L'occitane product assortment just for $35.00..she will love it ..
Aint that cute..nice gifts to make to the missy of your life be like ohhhhhh.... $ 19.50

Good for chapped lips just $7.00 @ Sephora and I think 5$ @ Bath & Body

Pout Lip gloss just 15$ (cute gift for a niece or galfriend)

Sephora Gift card (have to put @ least 25$)

Foot Butter for Mummies to be, $8.50

Another cool thing you could do for "mami..mama..mamacita , your girl, your wife your cheriee...whatever" for less than $50.oo see I have your back...lol!

For most items..go to

Djaa African Men can give good gifts in style too:)
Eyee Wayee:)

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Anonymous said...

salut puce, je me suis trompée et g envoyé un mail à mon bb au lieu de te faire un comment, juste pour te dire que tes suggestions sont sympas et k'il y a klk ressemblance avec le shopping k g fait pour lui...comme quoi on a les même idées... je te raconterai, gros bisous et à ++ mariétou