Thursday, June 03, 2010


Get your talk'on Salone gal ,Mrs Vickie Remoe Doherty
Love to see a proud Fabulafricana pursuing her dreams and doing it
Well you know "she gots to keep her pretty'on"
Love reading about young ladies like this, coming up with an idea , putting it through reality in our sweet Africa.
She studied in America and returned home in 2007, there she decided to use her gift for talking and turn into something positive. She came up with the idea of creating her own talk show which is called "The Vickie Remoe Show".
Of course as any fresh entrepreneur,money was an issue but her parents chipped in and little by little she's walking her walk.
The show airs every friday at 10:30 PM on SLBSTV on Salone TV. It must be an awesome feeling for to see the labor of her work shaping up. She reminds a bit of Jenn Hudson. I was going through some of her work on youtube and I find her energy contagious, I love that she wears a lot of dresses with african influence ect...bref I like this Salone gal. Apart from her TV show, she's also a local radio personality and a magazine director for CANOE Magazine.
Here's her webbie:
Oh She's a blogger as well:
You can view some of her previous shows ,HERE
Djaaa our Salone gals sont dedans:)
Eyeee Wayeee:)

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