Tuesday, June 22, 2010


Fun time with strangers , even though we didn't know each other on a personal level, running for the same cause def' created a feeling of solidarity

It was hooooot..therefore please exuse mes grimaces lol

These women were clearly ready to take on this 5K Marathon

Before the race, we were warming up getting ready to take on this friendly challenge
The crowd was quite diverse, expats, locals, high school students, marathon virgins, athletes..

I ran at my own pace as you can see:)

Getting closer to the finish line...yeahhhhh:)

Let's go new friend.we are almost there..let's keep pushing:)

Enfin...I can't believe I made it...thank God:)


I met this young girl while running, we kept each other going..:)

At the end of the race I celebrated with my bestie and cousin by doing the Senegalese new dance called "Goana"

Decided to treat myself to dinner to an African restaurant


Athieke sauce

Alocos, plantains, plantanos if you prefer

A dish called sauce feuilles, one of my fav' African sauce

Hey guys happy first day of summer, hope that wherever you are you are planning of having an eventful and fun summer:)
I ran a 5K Marathon about a few weeks ago and it was one the best physical and mental challenge I put myself through.
I used to hate running..fast forward to hoy, I run pretty much every day.

A local marketting and communication company (Shout to EXP in particular Katharinaaaa) organized a bi-anual 5K marathion called Dakar Elles (Dakar is the name of my hometown,Elles refer to women)
Through our participation they were able to raise money for 2 local ONG's which help women and children living with financial difficulties.
I started training a month before by running about 30-1 hour/day..friends and family were starting 2 worry a bit abt me and eventual burn outs.

On the the day of the race, my bestie and cousins came with me to support me. I was pleasantly surprised by the great number of Dakar Elles I saw at the Place du Souvenir.We were greeted with red tee shirts, water bottles, music, the Olympique Club trainers (my gym) , good vibes, soft drinks stand. I was surprised to see such a diverse crowd of women, expats, local women , young girls, bref we the Dakar women were in full effect and ready to get our 5K on..

As I saw some really toned women I started feeling the pressure oh boyyyyy and I was wondering seriously if I could do it..It wasn't about finishing first for me rather it was about finishing the race without giving up and reaching my goal. The distance from the place du Souvenir to the Restaurant Terrou Bi was quite impressive..so I was wondering and wondering..lol

When we were given the ok to go, we yelled , clapped our hands as passengers on the other side of the road were wondering what the hell we were doing and why was that side of the street blocked. It must have been a sight in an African country to see females dressed in red tees running and walking.. I was feeling excited, happy, anxious, tired...but I told myself Yaye if you've ran for an entire hour on a treadmill without stopping "ain't nobody gonna stop u but yourself! let's just pray and keep it going"

When I finish the first 2,5 K , I felt some great relief, I as passing by groups of girls in good spirit walking , taking a break or running..
If I could cheer them on I did, I felt love for these strangers. I wanted them to finish the race and I wanted us collectively to push beyond our boundaries.
As I was getting close to the finish line (hip hip hooray) this young girl and I started chatting and encouraging each other to finish. She had the most amazing smile and a beautiful energy about her, it's amazing how you can get attached in a minute to a total stranger..

5.. 4...3..2..1 Yesssss we made it, we made it..I was so happy and proud of myself and the young lady I was running with. I felt proud of us women who took this opportunity to challenge ourselves, show Dakar how it's done, show Dakar that having a female marathon is not weird and is not just for athletes or Caucasian people (yes that's how some of us think)
I was glad that through participating to this, I encourage others to do the same, have some clean healthy fun while support good causes at the same time.
At night I treated my cousin,bestie and I to some good African cuisine, and a night of fun at a locan dance club..where I felt like a Dakar Elle:)

I was interviewed by http://www.caaseworld.com/

You can check the video, HERE
Djaa Galsene Women are Dakar Elles:)
Eyee Wayee:)

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