Thursday, June 24, 2010


Work it Sista!

Sharon comes from a musically inclined family,her dad was a choir director back in Zimbabwea while her mother was and still is a singer. She's always been encouraged to pursue music but never to let go of her studies. So as a child and teen she sing-sing in church and at events but it was until a few years ago that she decided to take it to another leve..
And after listening to her song "Shine" I'm like hell yeahhh you can sing that would have been a waste of talent. She worked on her first album "Self Titled"with her brother and they came out with hits like L.O.V.E..
She's influenced by great songwriters like Jill Scott,her mama, Lauryn Hill, Coldplay ect..
Her sound is fresh, fun, jazzy, R&Bish, pop, 80's..I'm really impressed with her performances, she controlls the crowd w/her confidence, her strong powerful voice, def' a performer.
I'm feeling her , and of course I'm adding her to the playlist...:)
Here's her webbie:(check it out for tour dates ect)www
Check out some of her performances on her youtube channel, HERE
Djaa my Zimbabwean sistas sont dedans:)
Eyee Wayee:)

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