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I've tried Ethiopian cuisine a couple of times while living in the States, once it was at an Ethiopian restaurant and the second time a good Ethiopian friend of mine invited me over for dinner..At the time I was not "open" , (let's just put it that away) to other types of African cuisines..I'll admit it !I was more of a rice & fish type of girl(typical senegalese cuisine)..but seeing these lovely and yummy plates by Chef Titi and the rest of her team at Desta Kitchen makes me want 2 go right into an Ethiopian restaurant and try it again.
I've never been to Desta Kitchen and I bumped by accident into their website but I wanted to share it with you guys, you never know u may live in the area or may go visit sometimes in the near future.
What attracted me at first were the yummy colors of the food, the way the food is displayed on the plates (as Oprah says it best love is in the details), great presentation is already a great part of the appeal of a restaurant. You want to go to resto to embark on a culinary voyage, where people treat you with a smile and great manners am I rite?
Anywhoo the restaurant offers take-out, catering services. They open at 9AM & close at 12 AM most days except fro friday through sunday where they close at 1AM.
They serve tradional ethiopian dishes with a modern twist, dishes like talapia fish marinated in ethiopian spices,ethiopian steak tartar,sandwiches made with ethiopian butter,vegetarian food spiced up ethiopian stylo, ethiopian wine .ect...
I was reading a few reviews here and there on the net and some were saying that even though the restaurant is not quite big they really enjoyed themselves there , great atmosphere and great wait ethiopian cuisine it is next time for me.
Here's their address:
3086 Briarcliff Rd (inside the Williamsburg Shopping Center)
NE Atlanta GA 30329
Here's the webbie:

Djaa we need to try all types of African cuisines:)
Eyeee Wayee:)

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