Tuesday, June 22, 2010


Christina Ali Farah Ubax

It's good to "know" and talk about us African sisters trying to bring a change in the world wherever we reside.

"Interesting young lady" is what I felt like saying after reading more about social activist , writer & poet Christina Ali Farrah. The 37 years old fabulafricana was born to an Italian mama and a Somali father. As most biracial people she faces the question of dual identities, the question of who she is as an Italian African woman. Her story is even more complex as she's lived in Somalia (left before the civil war) Hungary & Italy of course.

Reading about her life, I realize that the questions of immigration, the perpetual conflict btw black and white are still very relevant in Italy. She wrote novels recounting the stories of women she encoutered while working for an immigration agency. This former brazilian literature student is quite respected and known in Italy for her message of union among people. She's written a few novels , her first book published in 2007 is called Madre Picola. There's one book she co wrote with a photographer Marco Barbon called Asmara Dream that I would love to put my hands on, (I'm in love with that city and how it was affected till this day by Italian colonisation).

In my opinion people like Christina Ali Farah are important to our society because even though they can't give us definite answers on social issues such as immigration, they make us think, they make us re-think about our positions and social responsabilities. A few Italiano-Africanos intellectuals and her founded a magazine called El Ghibli where they keep searching for answers and sharing their thoughts. I like that she recognizes that she's a mixture of different cultures, different journeys she went on as she lived in Italy and Africa..that nothing is all white or all black..

And if you do speak Italian, discover her on this video, HERE
Djaa my Somali sistas sont dedans:)
Eyeee Wayee:)

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tumwijuke said...

I have followed Christina's work for so long. Thank you for highlighting her.