Wednesday, June 23, 2010


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She reminds me of Queen Latifah in her atitude , her swagger, her social engagement, her fight for gender justice ..but not to be twisted..she's HER!!
She's unique and her name is Lebo Mashile.
She's one of the fiercest and most notable pioneer of the urban poetic scene of South Africa. This beautiful curvy woman doesn't make exuses for who she is, and her opinions. Au contraire she states them loud and clear through her poems, her tv show L'Altitude where she tackles issues like polygamy , women self empowerement.
This 31 years old fabulafricana has accomplished a whole lot professionally, she wears the titles of tv presenter, tv show producer, poet, events MC..bref you get it , she works it out:)
She founded with a few poet sistas a female collective called "Feel A Sistah"
Lebo has published 2 poetry anthologies and has created a theatrical meets dance & poesie piece called "Threads" with french choreographer Sylvia Glasser.
You may also have seen her in "Hotel Rwanda" next to Don Cheadle..chick doesn't play:)
She's def' part of the new generation of South African women who are aware of the opportunities they've been given but also willing to put the work in order to pave the way for future generations of outstanding South African women.
On her blog she reflects on ways to do just that, ways to empower women to better their situations.
In 2008 she played the lead role in the theatrical piece "The Quiet Violence of Dreams".
I could sit here and tell you all about the various accolades she received such as the award in 2006 for Publishing in Africa ect..but I think what we should take away from this sister is that whatever we women want to do , we should do it with passion, determination and a bit of crazyness.
I've really enjoyed reading her blog, reading about other South African women, their realities ect..
She seems so centered and seems to have found herself maybe part of it is in the meditation that she practices
Today she's also the presenter of a TV show called "Drawing the Line" on top of creating and creating some more work for herself..way to go soul sista:)
Here's her webbie:
Check her out on this video, HERE
Djaa my South African sistas sont dedans:)
Eyee Wayee:)

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