Tuesday, June 16, 2009


Seems like a beautiful movie

RIP Farid Chopel

Un Si beau voyage is the story of a former factory worker Momo who loses his room in a shelter , he decides to return back to Tunisia his home country.

The movie goes as slow as his lead character is, it shows the solitude that he's living it, through his failing love story with a spanish woman, his daily lunches at the shelter, the same he felt when he was told that he could no longer stay at the shelter.

Once in Tunisia a Tunisia he left 15 years ago, he feels different and starts an introspective journey, there he also finds death within the silence of his existence ...

I havent' seen the movie yet but critics give homage to the late Farid Chopel who played the lead role, he died from cancer a few months after the completion of this movie

Critics also salute the poetic way the director Khaled Ghorbal depicted the last days of a man at the end of his life...

Here's the trailer:

Djaa my people from Tunisia sont dedans:)
Eyeee Wayee:)

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Clare said...

Will have to track it down and watch it. Sounds amazing. Sad he died so soon after finishing the film :(