Wednesday, June 17, 2009


The minute I gave this Yoruba brotha a chance I was bumping my head to the sincerity felt in his sound and voice..In a world where you hear upcoming and established African singers sounding almost the same, it's as refreshing as a cup of lemon juice to hear something different....

Siji grew up with the rest of his siblings in London, there as any imigrant he was encouraged to go for a more conservative choice of career
His future assured with a degree in Engineering Product Design he was now ready to follow his calling, the musical voyage started with a publishing deal, a move to NY, shows at SOB's and other noted NY bars,to his first album called "God Given" and now his latest work "Adesiji"

He makes it a point to sing in his native tongue Yoruba,I didn' understand a word but I wanted to jam with him...I would describe his vibe as Yoruba Soulful (sue me lol)
Reading his reviews I read one of the highest compliments in my opinion, a young lady of Nigerian origins but who lived in the Western world said that he made her want to connect to her heritage...isn't that neat?

Here's an interivew of Siji:
You can hear a bit of his sound here:
His webbie is:
Djaa my brothas from Naija sont dedans aussi:)
Eyeee Wayee:)


Anonymous said...

Dope!!!! Loving this. U seen his new video yet?

Exquisitely Black said...

Love Siji as well, my favorite is Ekundayo.