Wednesday, June 17, 2009


Frederic Kanoute, MALI, Soccer Paya, Mosk Founder in Spain , Hubby

Djimon Hounsou, BENIN, Actor, Social Activist, Husband and Father

Alain Mabanckou, CONGO,Noted Writer, Professor

Thomas Tapeh, LIBERIA, NFL Playa

Amr Waked EGPYT, Actor

Cherif Ndiayes, Model and Father

Borris Kodjoe, GHANA, Actor, Producer, Husband and Father

LS, GABON, Singer
Madalitso Muthiya,ZAMBIA, Golf Playa

Knaan , SOMALIA, Singer and Social Activist

Marcus Samuelson, ETHIOPIA,Cullinary Chef and Husband

Idris Elba, SIERRA LEONE, Actor Dj Father

Oumar Mukhtar, LYBIA, Resistant to Italian conquest of his coutry, National Hero

Tcheka, CAP Vert, Singer

Georges, GAMBIA,Model

Kaysha, CONGO, Singer ,Producer and Father

Roshdy Zem, MAROC, Actor, Husband and Father
Mahmoud Keldi, LES ILES COMORES, Architect

Paulo Pascoal, ANGOLA, Model Singer and Actor

Osie Umenyora, NIGERIA, NFL Playa

Joel Haikali, NAMIBIA, Actor and Movie Director

Akon, SENEGAL, Singer, Producer, Businessman, Husband , Father

Gad Elmaleh, MAROC,Comedian and Movie Director

Singuila, IVORY COAST, Singer

Jo Wilfried Tsonga, CAMEROUN, Tennis Champion

Emmanuel Jal, SUDAN, War Survivor and Hip Hop Artist

Djibril Zonga, CENTRE AFRIQUE, Model and Burgeoning Actor

David Adjaye, GHANA, Architect

Mustafa Maluka, SOUTH AFRICA, Visual Artist and Hip Hop Head

Corneille, RWANDA, Singer, Social Activist, Rwandan War Survivor, Husband
So here they are my current top 30 Fabulafrican brothas:)
It was difficult picking them because there are so many other great African doing great thing in the world
but I chose these ones because they represent Africa in its diversity, different styles,
some may be your type physically some may be your type on the intellectual side of things
I would be curious to know which ones re in your top 5, drop me a coment:)
If you get a chance listen to this song called "You Will Know" some of my old school peeps may remenber it :
You Will Know_Black Men United (CLICK ON THE NAME)
It's everything I would tell my man, my brotha, enjoy:)
Djaa our African brothas are just badd:)
Eyeee Wayee:)


Ebony Intuition said...

Great list.

Clare said...

Great post. I awarded you Kreativ Blogger :

Mamacita said...

yoooo babe!!JW Tsonga is no way from cameroon! Congo if i remember!!but i wish he was an home made product! lol

Ciaa said...

I just like all of then , great post

RocNaija said...

Hmm.. so I'm thinking.. if you can have JW Tsonga on that list.. then Barack Obama gotta feature too, right?

Ô... said...

Great list, sista...

Anonymous said...

Ooohweeee....just beautiful.......