Tuesday, June 09, 2009


Be his number uno supporter show him that
Buy him the DVD Story of Barrack Obama

Apple Gift Card would truly put a smile on his face
but Humm at least put 50 $ on it lol come onnn

Help him rep for his continent with the Kenyan African streetwear line Jamhuriwear

Tickets to any Lakers Game are a killlerrr
get'em sistas

The biography of soccer player from Ivory Coast
Claude Makelele

Because they all think that they are strong ...

The man in him would appreciate a beautiful restaurant date at Ethiopian chef Marcus Samuelson restaurant, Aquavit (NYC) or you could buy him his cook book Aquavit

Shaving cream that will leave your man skin smooth

If he's into painting why not either introduce him to or buy him a piece by
South African hip hop lover and painter Mustafa Maluka

Cute little socks by Lacoste to warm his small or big feet

Let your booboo educate himself with the brilliant Somalian
hip hop /spoken word artist K'naan

A beautifu
collection of soap made with shea butter,
cedarwood bamboo and marine made just for your baby's skin
by Mistral Soap

Here are a few ways to bring a smile on our mandingo faces
Just as we need to be celebrated they need to receive little symbols of our love
Gifts don't replace consideration , respect, support and comitment
But they brighten up our days as human beings
It's always cool to be surprised by a little something or a big something lol
Just as our mothers taught us our African men are big babies at heart
Yes they can be strong,Yes they can protect us
But they need our care and love:)
So to you African brothas...
We Fabulafricanas support you :)

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Nadde said...

Makelele is from DR Congo.