Friday, June 05, 2009


Pic, courtesy of Mase

I saw young girls and boys walking miles and miles , kilometers and kilometers to go to school..
On my way to Gambia, the bus passed by several villages and I was astounished by the number of children I saw walking to get an education..

I wondered if they know what education meant, I wonder if among these kids some appreciated school or just did it because...., looking at some faces I thought maybe among them are some of the most dedicated kids in the world:)

But mostly I realized the weight of education, like some of you I've seen documentaries on kids walking from their homes to school but now I've seen the reality of it!
Sometimes I'll be looking around and couldn't even see their homes but they walked and walked....

This experience made me appreciate education so much more, made me appreciate these parents who encouraged children to attend school!

There are many projects that support literacy in Africa,among them the UNESCO who reported that there are in the world 75 Million of children not attending school..
They've founded the Worldwide Literacy Iniative (LIFE) : the goal is to boost literacy among adults and children by 2015

They plan to achieve this by encouraging governments to allocate funds to National Education
, communicating with the various African communities in their dialects ect...

This reminds me of a friend of mine who's working with an ONG which goal is to improve computer literacy in rural areas in Senegal.
While doing some research for this post I also found the 'African Library Project", what they do is that they collect funds and books to create library in various parts of Africa.
Today they have completed 51 libraries in Zimbabwea, Cameroun, Lesotho, Nigeria, Zambia and Botswana...

In Burkina Fasso, there's another project called"Green Woods Charter School" which raise money to buy books for adults and children struggling with literacy...
Everybody who has the will can help, an Ungandan woman by the name of
Racheal Adriko-Spillberg had the idea to create a mobile library for children and adults in rural Uganda, there are so many efforts being made by Africans and non Africans to fight against literacy.

Please see below different organizations that are doing their best:

Djaa we have to fight Iliteracy :)
Eyee Wayee:)

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