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This Nigerian girl who conquers daily the concrete jungle of NY where she attended one of the most prestigious local art high school, has been making her way on American airwaves and on the internet with a bang. Her sound is poppish meets electro dance with a dash of soul, hip hop and even a bit of country...

The 21 years old singer/songwriter is proud of her Nigerian roots, even better even though she grew up in the states she has travelled to her home country a few times over the years. Nenna has appeared in some editorial and ads for urban fashion brands such as Akademics and Rocawear.

A star on myspace already, Nenna was selected as 1 of the 10 final  finalists for the Toyota/Myspace  contest. 

With the help of her musical partner & bestie D-Tox Wisniewski, she was smart to reach out to her fans directly on the internet , it is obvious that the future of the music  industry lays there. I myself discovered her on YouTube so upcoming singers out there, do not sleep on the power of the viral media:)

Her EP is def' full of club -bangers, word on the street was that one of her songs would be used on MTV show "The City". With her sexy and avant-gardiste sense of fashion, her fun and catchy lyrics of women empowerment and freedom, the productions by D Tox, her writing skills in French Italian & German I know that this is just the beginning for this fabulafricana. Dance and pop music will never die therefore she's welcome to bring something new to the musical scene. If you are still unsure about this pretty and talented young thang, know that she even graced the stages of Canargie Hall and the Julliard Institute, not bad hun:)

Here's her YouTube channel address:

Here's her webbie:
Djaa my Naija sistas sont dedans:)
Eyeee Wayee:)

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