Tuesday, October 05, 2010


Each year, the Cartier Women’s Initiative salutes the courage of worldwide sistas, offering them the chance to 20 000 $, great mentorship program by seasoned business veterans, media exposure.
This year, Ann Kihengu representing Tanzania is one of the 3 African Laureates nominees, the winner representing each continent will be announced on October 15th.
This young woman had the brilliant idea of starting a business providing solar powered lamps and mobile phone chargers in Tanzanian. Living in Senegal I realize how crucial the problem of electricity is throughout Africa and Tanzania is unfortunately no exception to this problem.
PRIAN, her company was started in order to provide alternatives to kerosene lamps to Tanzanian people living in urban but particularly rural areas of Tanzania.
With PRIAN she travels to rural areas in order to train young unemployed people as well as high school students for them to become distributors of the D.Light products she sells through PRIAN.
This 27 years business owner is set to train and encourage young people to become entrepreneurs as well.
Here’s the CWI website:
Check out part of the Award ceremony 2009,HERE
Good program, great idea, go Ann Kihengu:)

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