Thursday, October 07, 2010


Hey guys,
Serenity, serenity people..hope you all are having a day with a sense of serenity:) 
Apart from the daily power outages , today was buzy and quiet:)
On today's post discover the beautiful sense of fashion of Egyptian designer,Marie Bishara, the first fabulafricana  to internationally showcase Egyptian fashion talent:)
'Till tomorrow & remenber that if today was not an easy day for you ,
it is what it is and tomorrow is another day:)
A demain Inch'Allah:)



fa said...

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Judith Romance said...

Je découvre ton blog à l'instant, et j'adore déjà ! Merci pour les voyages, à bientôt...

Anonymous said...

Happy belated b-day miss! Reviens nous vite là! I miss reading u! Fa2.

Arinze said...

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