Tuesday, October 05, 2010


Long curly hair, curious and warm eyes, petite frame running around with grace & intelligence trough the planet to discover and share with the world through the use of images, videos and words what humanity is all about.

30 years old, Ben Battouta (her Moroccan name) could have been sitting at a fancy desk with her degrees from Sciences Po & the University of Portsmouth but she chose to answer to her calling. Even though she had plenty of more traditional opportunities available (she worked at the Chamber of Commerce of Lot-et-Garonne), at 26 years old she got up, packed her bag and met the world. It wasn’t an easy choice at first, her relatives were worried at the beginning but today in retrospect she has no regrets.

Among some of the places Leila has seen, she’s been to China, Tibet, Peru, India, Irak and just has been picked by Gilles Kepel to travel with him to the Middle East.

Her courage and great passion haven’t gone unnoticed by the world; she’s received plenty of awards one of them in particular was given to her by the Association of the Young Mediterranean Leaders.

Her work has been exposed at the French Parliament, in Spain, one of her documentary on Moroccan children has been broadcasted on local Moroccan TV.

Leila has published a book called “Chroniques de Chine”, and is currently working on a novel.

I am definitely encouraged in my own artistic quest by the determination that this fabulafricana is showing.

Here's her website: www.leilaghandi.com

I also enjoyed this little interview, HERE

Djaa my Moroccan sistas sont dedans aussi:)

Eyee Wayee:)

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