Tuesday, October 05, 2010


Hi guys it's been a while, I hope wherever you are, you are L.I.V.I.N.G your lives the way you want to:)
So here I am back on my personal space on the web facing my fears, wondering if what I'm doing is relevant with the birth of so many blogs (which is a great thing by the way), wondering if I will still be able to write about you fabulafricanas...but I'm in love with y'all so I guess I can't stop:)
So I'm challenging myself to 365 days of straight discovery and sharing with you guys on this spot...nervous as hell but excited at the same , this shall be an interesting journey:)
Today I hope that you'll be inspired by the journeys of photographer Leila Ghandi, social activist Rokhaya Diallo, entrepreneurAnn Kihengu, writer Dinaw Mengestu, singers Coco Van M & Sade to challenge yourselves to great work ethics and a life of passion.
Ready set go!!..have an awesome day and if things are a bit difficult remenber that
It is What It Is & Tomorrow is another day:)

A demain Inch'Allah:)

PS: Special shout out to you reader Boy Pullo, thanks for the sweet & encouraging email brotha, diaramaaa a 1000***


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Anonymous said...

Hey girl,
I don't know you personally, but I LOVE your blog =) I've learned so much about so many "fabulAfricans," as I think you say, lol, & I'm loving it! I think your blog posts idea is quite unique & very refreshing...you have Africa united on your blog! All that you do does matter & it's inspiring to me & plenty of other strangers too, I'm sure. Please keep it up & I'm looking forward to more great posts by you!
Much love from one African to another =)