Monday, March 16, 2009


Winner of the European Literary Award

Koplano was a Medical student when she received her award for her first novel Coconut about the lives of 2 black South African young women who grew in white surburbs.
One of the characters Ofilwe comes from a wealthy dysfunctional black family where she feels rejected both by her parents and her white racist friends, the other character Fikile was abused sexually by her uncle, her mum killed herself and she was raised by a maid. Her main goal in life is to escape poverty and that means in her mind getting rid of her "blackness".
Kopano is currently a 4th year Medical Student in SA and is writing on her spare time.

Her webbie:

Hear Koplano read from her book Coconut:

Djaa my SA sistas sont dedans dee:)
Eyeee Wayee:)

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