Tuesday, March 24, 2009


Elle est Belle Hein

I just had to share the talent of Zimbabwean Jazz songstress Eska..and that is if you don't already know all abt her...
She was born in Afrika but grew up in the UK, she is one of the most sought after Soul artists at the moment in the UK, everybody talks abt how great her "live experience" is...
Critics compare her to Stevie Wonder, Prince ect..ok some call her "the Queen of UK Soul"...need I sweat her even more...

As a child she listened to all kind of music, african, jazzy, classical music, maybe that's what explained her open mind to playing with different kind of artist today.
At the beg of this year, she was on tour with the Mathew Herbert Big Band in Australia where she reports on her blog that she had mad fun but felt ready to come back to the UK to lay new musical tracks...
Hope to one day experience her live so that I can say as a fan of hers
"Eska you are emotional"

You can listen to her, here:

Djaa our sistas from Zimbabwea sont dedans aussi:)

Eyee Wayeee:)

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