Tuesday, March 24, 2009


I've been a huge fan of the Congolese Musical collective Bisso Na Bisso since my early college days, I don't remenber how I fell in love with them but I remenbered being so convinced by them that they ordered my cd online all da way from paris..matter of fact that cd is now "dead" I listened to it so much that it gave up on me.
The concert was great, it was all I expected, the 7 peace soldiers of the Bisso Na Bisso were celebrating with us in Dakar their 10th year anniversary..they've managed through personal careers, through marriages, babies and life in general to come back together and deliver a second album..
What I really liked abt them is their discipline on stage, I also love the fact that whether we were here or not they would have rocked it and have fun anyway..
They deliver what I call "clean fun" a concert where as a parent you could have came with your kids and not have to worry about disrespectful behavior, with their witty sense of humour they deliver messages of peace, self esteem, solidarity, fun you leave the concert uplifted and in a really good mood..
Tata Mpassi the songstress of the group honored the legacy of the late Myriam Makeba with the song Malaika..may I add that sista had her stilletoe game on point doing "the change of clothe and shoes" 3 times..my friend and I were like aight sista...go on with ur bad self..
Passi the creator of the group blessed up with his first hits like la "1 la 2", the twins of the group 2 BAL did their thang as well, Calbo and Lino from Arsenk showed us that they still go it, and the cutie pie that is Benj from the group Neg Marron blessed up with us with their hit song "Petit Pays"..
On their first album "Racines" Bisso Na Bisso had a song with Ismael Lo so I knew he would be here as a guest surprise...and I was rite...
It was a great concert, if they ever come to your town don't hesitate go goo..
Cant wait to see their new video for "Tout le monde levez les mains pour Bisso"

Here's their webbie:
Here's a video doc that should tell u all bt this musical collective:

Djaa Bisso Na Bisso c'est vraiment Bisso Na Bisso:)
Eyee Wayee:)


Amina said...

quelle belle experience!

natty said...

Tout le monde levez la main pour Bissooooo, Balancez des mains ....
Yeeeeeeeeeeess !!! it was really great!! And im proud of u sista. U were just the first to stand up and dance hihihi Devant un public timide c'est genail d'avoir des personne comme ça pour encourager les autres à bouger, and u did !!! Thanks a lot !!!
Thanks to all the bisso na bisso band for this verry nice moment!
wallay j aime ton blog sista :)