Tuesday, March 10, 2009


2 Beautiful , honest and talented artists joined forces on the track "Pearls" on India Arie's latest album Testimony Volume II: Love and Politics
I've written a piece about this beautiful singing diva from Ivory Coast (check under music or Ivory Coast)

Djaaa my sisters from Ivory Coast sont dedans meme:)
Eyeee Wayeee:)


Khady Beye said...

Hey lovely friend ;)

Tu sais quoi? I love India Arie, I worship Dobet Gnahoré but was quite disappointed by "Pearls". Instead of making it a real collaboration it looks like India Arie just cut bits and pieces from Dobet Gnahoré's original song "Palea" and pasted it on her own lyrics. Vraiment je vais dire Dobet Gnahoré 1 - India Arie 0
Yep we african women are definitely doing it well :D

Yayemarie said...

tu sais quoi..vraiment merci for your very pertinent coment..im a huge india arie fan and im now starting to be more and more curious abt dobet..donc je n'avais meme pas realiser that she had a song called "Palea"..et bien c'est domage qu'elle ne lui ai pas give the opportunity to be more creative..en tout cas ill try to listen to that song..so thank you sista:)

Khady Beye said...

If you liked Pearl let me just tell you, you are going to LOOOOOVVVE Palea. The song is just wonderful.