Friday, October 20, 2006


Mason Ewing

On dirait Kirikou...Im just saying

Another brother breaking into the world of fashion w/both a flair for street wear & haute couture..
Of course like any success story, he lived his share of headaches before getting to this point of success...He lost his mother @ a young age and went on to live w/his uncle and aunt which didnt go so well...(as African peeps we all have heard of such story of mistreatment..)
Anywhoo so he went on to move from family to family..& at the age of 15..he caught an eye disease and went on to lose almost completely his sight..(aveugle)
He later on took his uncle and aunt to court for physical & emotional abuse
Anywhoo that was yesterday, today he's a"new fashion espoir"...and celebrated by fashion
Comme quoi sometimes you have to believe in yourself despite les obstacles...
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Support a brotha qui ose:)
Djaa le Cameroun est dedans aussi:)
Eyee Wayee:)

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