Wednesday, October 11, 2006


Of course fanta ..coca...thats what we usually do when people come visit ..right:)
no Champagne

Aight people as you may already know JayZ & Bee were part of the THISDAY Music Festival...

And you know that in our continent we don't get a lot of Huge Celebrities to come perform in our this is hugee..

Jay went to Africa also for Humanitarian reasons ..he's working w/the UN and Koffi Anan under
the "WATER FOR LIFE "campaign whih kicked of in Dar Es Salam Tanzania...

If you wanna read his first impressions during his first concert in Africa , please read:

Bee sang the Nigerian the absolute desmay and surprise of the crowd

(you kow how we African peeps,get touched by these types of things)


Atalakou for a couple of peeps today...

Djaa Bee & Jay sont dans le chaud:)

Djaa le UN est aussi dans le auchhh:)

Djaa la Tanzanie est dans le chauddd aussi:)

Djaa le Nigeria est aussi chauddd:)

Djaa African People are Inovative:)

Eyeee Wayeeeeeee:)

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