Tuesday, October 17, 2006


"If we knew him when he was 3 and were able to start [treatment], he would still be alive today"

Alicia's Keys words after the death of Sudi who stood at less than 4 feet because he didnt receive proper medication until he was 14...

This is him AT 17 YEARS OLD..SAD!!

Every time you see a young fabulous woman like Alicia Keys, staying socio-conscious..it's a beautiful thang:)
As the co-founder of "KEEP A CHILD ALIVE" org, inspired by the AIDS growth and the poor condtions in which children and even adults live in the African continent: mostly in Kenya, Uganda, S.Africa...this initiative seems to be very pro-active

It's 1 of the most "celebs -sponsored org" w/other humanitarians such as Bono and not too long ago Oprah...
Bono & A.Keys recorded a song called "DONT GIVE UP ON AFRICA"

Wanna purchase the song or even know more...:

Djaa AKeys be reppin for Africa :)

Eyee Wayee:)

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