Thursday, October 12, 2006


Great was my surprise to see for the
Spring 2007 Givenchy collection , the Bogolan on the runaway (Malian print) .....

Wait a minute.... what's Bogolan?

According to Wikipedia Bogolan is:

Bògòlanfini (sometimes bogolan) is a traditional Malian fabric dyed with fermented mud, particularly associated with the Bambara. The name is a Bambara word meaning "earthcloth."
In the creation of bògòlanfini, simple
cotton cloth is woven, shrunk, and then soaked in a preparation of leaves from certain trees. An artist then outlines an intricate design with a mud dye, often taking several weeks to cover the entire cloth. Yellowish areas of mud are then treated with a caustic soda, bleaching them back to white for a stark black and white design. Traditionally, a man will do the weaving while a woman will do the dyeing

Interesting hun...!!

Wanna more about the art of bogolan , check this exhibit:

Djaa Givenchy est dans le auch:)

Djaa le Bogolan Malien est dans le auch:)

Eyee Wayee:)

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