Monday, February 15, 2010


Love the combination of the grey and dark blue colors
You can tell that he pays attention to details

So he did the Sahara shall and the dressy shoes, I didn't expect that combination
I really like this suit, love the grey and red wine comb'
Looking sharp

He loves hats I see

I love how comfortable he seems in his outfits particularly in this one, that's sexy

Blue is def' one his fav' color
Wonder how many pairs of sneakers this brotha owns:)
Sporty chic
Black yellow and gold, this boy loves to dress:)
He reminds me of Corneille
It would be nice how this 31 years old brotha's style will evolve in the future.
You probably have seen him on "House" as Dr Jeffrey or on CSI Miami or on Veronica Mars, Lincoln Heights and other shows on which he guest-started.
But his big break came into the role of the vampire Laurent on Twilight franchise.
I've never seen the movie but I know that it's a big deal in the States and around the world, so I'm guessing and hoping that it meant mucho $$$.Apart from that movie he's also appeared "Gobe Baby Gone", "The Fifth Patient","Crank" (for that role he had to learn how to speak with an Haitian accent),"My bloody Valentine"
Edi was born in Nairobi Kenya and has lived for most of life in California. He wanted to be a basketballer while in college but after a leg injury he took acting classes fell in love with it and enrolled at Tish School of Arts and NYU .( love a knowledgable brotha)
Besides working at being a huge movie star, Edi is also an avid theater actor.
Among some of the plays he's appeared on, Cyrano de Bergerac,Othello.
He's set to appear on the twilight sequel "New Moon" and on the Broadway play, "Joe Turner's Come and Gone"
Going through some of his interviews, I'm left thinking that he seems like a down to earth frere, honest ,and I have to add he def' has swagger and cool confidence.
Check this interview, HERE
Djaa my Kenyan brothas sont trop dedans:)
Eyeee Wayee:)

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Olivia said...

He is hot & I've seen him on 'House', love that show btw! I like his style & love the suits especially the grey & wine combo. He's very attractive, seem laid back too & he has this quiet confidence...I feel the vibe from looking at the photos. I like his smile lol.