Wednesday, February 10, 2010


The Iron Lady In Chief
Pic courtesy of M. Schaffer
Madame la Presidente and part of her team
Pic courtesy of M.Schaffer
Dr Antoinette Sayeh, Minister of Finance

Pic courtesy of M. Schaffer

Beatrice Munah Sieh, National Police Chief
Pic courtesy of M. Schaffer

Pic courtesy of Eric Kanalstein

This documentary co -directed by Daniel Jungle and Liberian journalist Siatta Scott Johnson centers around the first year in power of Liberian First Lady and Head of State, Ellen Johnson Sirleaf and her administration. In this movie we get to see how Mrs Johnson Sirleaf tries to prevent her corrupted country to fall into another civil war. Afflicted by a 14 years civil war, Liberia is economically poor and is ramping under its huge debts.

The making of this documentary was a bit challenging , it was hard for the directors to be accepted in a lot of meetings . Truthfully the contrary would have surprised me. I took the time to view the documentary, and I sat there my mouth wide open, I can't believe what this woman has to go through every day as the President of Liberia. I gained so much respect for her leadership, quiet nature and strength. In the documentary, I discover a quite disorganized Monrovia, the police has no means to buy arms and basic defense stuff. The people go on strike regularly, the former soldiers during Charles Taylor's time went on strike because they didn't receive enough pension even though the real victims the villagers are still living in total misery. We see Mrs Johnson Sirleaf taking the time to sit down with them and listen to their angry pleas ect..

A few women part of the Liberian administration are also the subjects of the movie, we get to see Dr. Antoinette Sayeh the Minister of Finance,Beatrice Munah Sieh the national police chief who survived assasination attempt by her former employer in action. I was watching with a lot of compassion Dr Sayeh struggling with an exhausting Liberian economical climate. Mrs Sieh the National police officer is also working hard to bring peace in a violent environment. I mean , these women are so brave trying to lead a country despite the constant sweet and very sour threat of Charles Taylor's companions.
You can catch the documentary, HERE (Please take the time to see it...)
Also I wanted to congratulate this young african movie filmmaker who was brave describing the conditions of her country. You can see her throughout parts of the movie , this goes to show how fearless Siatta love it:)
From now on I'll try to honor Mrs Johnson Sirleaf more often...
Djaa my ladies from Liberia are just fiya:)
Eyeee Wayeee:)

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