Thursday, February 18, 2010


Lovely, I just wanna run towards the entrance

Ouhh can u imagine, some time with ur boo here?

Love the colors and motifs and earth tone they used

Man when are we going lol?

Doesn't it look just so lovely and peaceful, I would love to stay there for even just half of a day..
The resort is located on the West coast of the Mahe Island.
You have the choice btw junior suites, senior suites , beach villas, presidential villas,family villas, and hillside villas .
There are 4 pools at Constace E.R, a Shishedo spa located in btw lovely gardens.
The resort also has 5 restaurants and bars for your lovely diners.(u know when u get all dressed up to enjoy the evening with Mr or Mrs )
The resort just opened its doors february 1rst 2010 so it's new new..
Here's their webbie:
Djaa we Fabulafricanas can enjoy ourselves on the Seychelles Islands:)
Eyeee Wayee:)


Olivia said...

The resort is gorgeous! Yep that's a good place for some boo lovin lol. I love the earth tones, very warm & welcoming. When you arrive there, look around & take in the beauty its like aaaahhhh! I want to dress up & go there!! Its a great place for some photos too especially by the gardens! Strike a pose :)

Salma said...

I am so so tempted, what a beautiful place.

Nice blog, very intersting.

enisio said...

Oh this is simply divine. It doesn't help either that I am in such a vacation frame of mind right now. I'm in a snow-covered city and just sick of it. I am more suited for this beautiful place! :-)

Tram Almasi said...

Sis, thatz georgeous, warm and welcoming!Oops, nothing more to say, lol!