Tuesday, February 16, 2010


Aight people meet the very interesting and pretty Akua Kyeremanten, an American born and proud Ghanaian fabulafricana. I wanted to know how she felt about her African heritage and American identity. I always wondered how fabulafricanas and fabulafricans that are born in the States feel about their African roots, so there you go, hear her out.

Thank u Miss Akua:)

Being a first generation, American born female born in my family, I was raised in a very cross-cultural household. My parents taught my two siblings and I the best sides of Ghanaian and American culture and I am very thankful for it.
Therefore sometimes I feel that if I was raised in Accra, that I would have a better perspective or outlook on life. Many Ghanaians who immigrated here to the US in their twenties know the hardships of Ghana and have a clearer view of their destination I life.

If I were raised in Accra, I would not have taken anything for granted. I would cherish every opportunity as a blessing and hardship as the lesson. But the most wonderful thing about being an American is the benefit of getting an education. The Ghanaian education system is very arduous and sometimes almost impossible to pass their standardized tests and I feel that you can get a education at anytime, anywhere in the US with any cost of money.

Another benefit of being raised in the US is the work ethic. Americans have a stronger trait as work ethics and balancing I’m so blessed and thankful that I learned the value of the dollar at such a young. Despite my family lifestyle as "very bourgeoisie", my parents scheduled me to work in their business every weekend in my high school years .I would work as an employee like the ones they employed. And because my parents worked hard when they immigrated here, they wanted us to know how to work when hard times hit (God forbid!) and I am learning that as I am become more independent.

Thank you Miss Akua for your honesty, wishing you the very mais alors la very best sis:)

Djaa my Ghanaian American sistas sont dedans:)
Eyeee Wayee:)

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Olivia said...

Lovely interview! She is beautiful, level headed & business savvy! Go gurl, continue to do well :)