Friday, January 01, 2010


Le smile de la jolie go, Nana Keita:)

U see my gal don't play:)

Nana Keita for Betsey Johnson

Nana getting dolled up for a fashion show

Elle blague pas dee
Love this look

Hey Guys hope you all had a beautiful time yesterday whether in the comfort of your home,or spending time with friends or your boos, Happy New Year's 2010:)

For my first post in 2010, I decided to interview 1 of my favorite people I discovered and had the chance to interview last year, international model Nana Keita. Fav' because first of all she has a beautiful and kind soul, I contacted her some times last year she was no diva but just a wonderful grounded intelligent proud Malian woman. She's modelled for Tracey Reese, Catherine Malandrino, Juan Carlos and so many other talented fashion designers.Of course she has done her share of fashion shows and fashion weeks..:)

So there you go guys, if you didn't know her name, take notes it's spelled N.A.N.A K.E.I.T.A

Let's gooooo:)

1/ What are you most thankful for the year 2009?

First and foremost, I'm thankful to be alive and in good health. It's been a good year so I'm very thankful to God and everyone who has contributed to it from near or afar.

2/What was your fav' beauty product you discovered this year?

Lash Straightener with batteries by Sephora. I have really curly/messy eye lashes, so this makeup artist I was working with recommended them to me and it actually works and makes my lashes look better.

3/What countries and cities did you get to visit in 2009?

My year was spent between New York, Los Angeles, Miami, Paris, Cayman Islands, Bamako, and Dakar.

4/What was the best show u walked for this year and why?

Many but I'll say Betsey Johnson's Spring 2010 show where I got to be with my favs/big sisters Ubah and Georgie. It wasn't your typical runway show as Betsey had us all on stage together with a live band playing on the side, and all she asked us to do was have fun!! And so we did!! Georgie and I even busted some "couper decaler" moves there (laughs) and then Tyson, and Bethann made quick stops there too, so it was perfect.

5/What's the best book or magazine you enjoyed reading this year?

'Death With Interruptions" by Jose Saramago and I also really liked Muse Magazine's issue about Natasha Poly

6/What was ur fav' movie this year?

It's hard to decide on that one so I'll go with one of the last ones I watched "The Princess And The Frog"

hat african designer and model "t'a enjailler " this year?

(Laughs @ enjailler!!!)

Alphadi for making a difference by recently raising money for the people who lost their homes to water floods in Niger. I have a lot of respect for him and wish him the best.

I'll go for Ubah Hassan for the model because to me she's one of the most beautiful people on this planet and not just by her looks (mash'Allah)

8/Which african singer or song was you coup de corazon this year for u?

Salif Keita just released another master piece called "La Difference" and I like it even more because someone is finally standing up for the albinos and letting the world know how much being "different" cost those people in Africa.

I also liked when Koffi Olomide and Youssou Ndour came together to sing for the beautiful Diouma Dieng, "Festival" is a masterpiece indeed.

9/What was ur anthem this year?

When you believe in God, nothing is impossible.

10/ What are ur goals for 2010?

A lot, but I don't like talking about them. It's better to go by actions rather than words. The aim is still to always be one of the best at whatever I do and set a great example for other people. God is the greatest and sky is the limit.

Little video interview of Nana, HERE

Djaa les gos du Mali sont dedans:)

Eyeeee Wayeee:)


LaTonya Bynum said...

Nana is beautiful. I can not wait to see Princess and The Frog.

Tiffany said...

Happy New Year.

Divalocity said...

It's refreshing to see models of color represent Africa and the runway. It reminds me so much of the 80's and early 90's when Mounia, Rebecca Ayoko and others ruled the runways. Beauty is diverse and there's not only one standard of beauty. Designers know that no one has style and presence like us. Wishing you A Happy and Prosperous New Year!

Olivia said...

Happy New Year ladies. Cool interview, Nana is beautiful! I admire her response to the goals for the New Year, its so true. You know what you want to do so take action, don't just talk about it! Motivational, go girl!

Optimistic. said...

I really appriciate this girl , love

Swanee Noa B. said...

Happy new year. Blessings.