Wednesday, December 30, 2009


Happiness is a decision..I hear a lot of people say that ..I understood it without really living it's reality in the past:)

However 2009 , ....eureka I finally got it..!!

Finally understood that I can chose to either be a victim of everyday events that we all deal with in our own ways..or chose to focus on positive things and make myself happy..

This year ..well yeah this year for another day lol was challenging. I truly believed in a relationship and received a big slap on my face at the end (not litterally) ..u know how it goes..we've all had to deal with disappointments.. It was difficult but I got through it.:)

That experience taught me the virtues of patiente, it reinforced the belief in me that ony Allah as I call him, God for some of you is the only one in the driving seat..He'll do as he pleases . Everything passes if you let it pass, sadness, disappointments, just got believe in Him, live the season and let it go...:) I know easier said than I knowwwwwwww:(

Despite that , 2009 was a good year I've done a lot things in my hometown, got to discover beautiful places , got to hang out with awesome friends, got to attend many many cultural events, but more importantly got to get my vision in place. You know sometimes as bloggers you get tired , you get tired of searching for info, sometimes you wonder if what you do matters, there's so many blogs out there...but it does ..even if it's to one person, 2 persons..if it can teach something to someone , encourage another..then it's not in vain..but real talk sometimes I go through those periods of doubt..but you know what I love this blog.. I've met virtually or in person some fabulous and good people..some who don't hesitate to send me words of encouragement..and just for that I'm grateful.

Happiness is a decision .. Either you decide to think with negativety, remenbering all the non fab' things that happened , happen and will happen to us, or we put our trust in the hands of the Allmighthy and "we keep it going", it is what it is as Wendy wlliams used to say or "moy lolou" in wolloff.. :)

I thank that experience for making me stronger,learn to stand still as a baobap tree against the rain and the heat. I thank Allah for keeping my family and friends healthy, for keeping us not wanting for anything, except for some red velvet cake that I was craving, or some good fried and super greasy KFC chicken...mmmmm...or some jumba juice..or some good mozzeral tomatoe 'dwich.....I'm a foody ...:)

The holiday season is such a delicate time for women like me who are single, it reminds us that you don't have that one special person to celebrate it with..everyone asks you "so wuzz up yaye", "what are u waiting for" I know that they don't mean any harm and besides what else are they supposed to girls just can't wait for me to share everything abt a new someone..but like I tell everone it will happen when it's supposed to happen, yes I'll have those days when I'll feel I'm so latee..most of close friends are married, have one or two children...but this is where I make the choice to either be happy where I'm at or to envy them and carry myself as a failure... Guess what I chose to be happy, to enjoy what I'm blessed with, to go out with friends, attend events , focus on my career , work out ect...basically celebrate the life I'm given until a new chapter starts:)

Happiness is truly a decision:)



Jemila said...

You are one beautiful and inspiring woman; when I'm missing home or want a dose of the wonderful mix of "Africaness" we have, I visit your site, and it always makes my day a better one.

I def can relate to you. And you are absolutely right, happiness is a choice. And guess what, you are much stronger than you can even imagine, add that dose of positive energy, and seriously, who's even gonna attempt to get u down? They know they won't succeed.

For 2010 I wish you more happiness, more fun times w/ family & friends, more inspiration to keep blogging (cos u do such an amazing job!) and many more opportunities to love, laugh, and live!!! Stay beautiful Yaye :)

Olivia said...

So true, happiness is a choice. I know exactly what you mean about being single. Everyday is blessing & you appreciate what you have, appreciate those you have around you & know that there will be something better for you ahead. Never allow any negative noise or foolishness get you down! Always be strong & stand firm! More wonderful opportunities for you in the approaching New Year! Cheers to family, good friends, health & life in the New Year!

enisio said...

I've been reading your blog for a while now but have never commented. This post inspired me to do so. Thank you for such an inspiring note. This reached out to me in so many ways. Continue doing what you're doing and I wish you the best of everything in the New Year!

Anonymous said...

It would be wonderful if people would realize that true happiness comes from within. Everything that we desire in life is something we all possess and we should stop looking for others to supply what we think we lack. I look forward to your blog because you show the very best of Africa and Senegal.E

Amina said...

I agree with everyone. Happiness is a choice and from the blog, I can tell that you are so grateful, happy and radiant!!
Happy new year!!

Divalocity said...

I'm wishing you a Happy and Prosperous New Year! As anonymous stated, "true happiness does come from within." We should never let fear or our insecurities rule us or they will destroy us.

In order to maintain my level of happiness, I surround myself with positive and happy people, never those who are unhappy and jealous because they will drain the life out of you if you let them.

Instead of claiming pain as my own, I've chosen joy, which will always bring me happiness.

Fame + Money ≠ Happiness

Exquisitely Black said...

This is a sentiment that I'm glad you shared and that needs to be repeated. We are more in control than we know. Even though we don't always comment, please know that I and I'm sure many others really appreciate what you do. There aren't enough people, talking about the positive contributions of people of African descent. Keep blogging.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Yaye for all that you can't imagine what a source of inspiration your blog is to me - it's the one place (and more often, the only place) that I can go to lift my spirits up when I'm feeling down and beaten up. It makes me feel better about being a black, African woman in a cold and mostly white world..Never stop what you do..this sister is praying for you..I wish you every blessing in 2010.

Anya P said...

This is very true!! And I'm believing this about my future in 2010. I'm often happy about my life & with the people around me, but in trying moments I cannot be happy & this is so emotionally draining because it's like people look to me to be happy. It's so hard but I will try my best. Thanks for this inspiring post.

Yayemarie said...

Jemila,Olivia,Enisio,Anonymous1,Amina,Divalocity,Exq' Black,Anonymous2, your words touched me so much ...vraiment thank you for taking the time to read it and say something..may you all be rewarded:) Happy New Year's 2010 to all of you guys..much happiness , great health, success, moneyy too lol..le'ts make 2010 a meaningful year ...biouxxxxxxx:)

adebanji said...

Just visited your blog for the first time and you've hit me with some deep inspiration!
I'll live here for a while....maybe always...maybe forever...
Great exposure...I'm inspired!
Wishing you a great New Year!

Mimi said...

Keep doing what you doing sis, cos you are doing it beautifully. Wishing you only the best for 2010.

NoirVida said...

Hi Yaye,
You are truly an inspiration to all of us. HAPPY NEW YEAR MAMA!