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I bought this book by Algerian author Yasmina Kadhra a month ago while browsing through one of our local bookstores. I had been curious about this gifted author who goes by a feminine pen name since his years in the Algerian army.

So ok had the book and told myself that I would be reading it at some point until one quiet saturday night while watching the two "mean" culture critcis Zemmour and Nholo on "On est pas encore couche" give him mixed reviews.

On that show, each week, a group of celebs face two sarcastic and hard french Simon Cowell to discuss about their curent work. Mr Kadhra conducted himself with old school dignity, laughed of some of their coments and suggested that they read his book once more. That following morning all I wanted to do is smash into the litterary word of Yasmina. The novel I read "L'Attentat" was thought provokating and I didn't put it down until I was done reading it that same day.

It's centered around a young Jewish couple that seems to be living the life, Dr Amine is a Palestinian doctor living in Israel with his beautiful wife Sihem. They've been residing as a happy couple in Israel where they build a new family of friends. On the surface, despite the regular terrorist attacks, Dr Amine was really happy until the day of a an explosion in Tal Aviv which will change his life forever. While trying 2 save the lives of the victims of this unfortunate ordeal, Dr Amine had no idea that his life was about to sink.

He founds out that his sweet and kind wife, Sihem is not only dead during the attack but that she was the author of this horrible crime. Through this book we go through his relentless agonoy hour by hour, minute by minute, the anger, the sadness, the wild bitterness he feels...

He wonders why his beloved wife who seemed to have everything and more would engage in such a senseless killing of innocent victims. All his life, he has tried to focus on his career and distance himself from the Israelo-Palestinian conflict. But with the death of Sihem he has to face his people. He wants to understand what would prod his people to kill others. This book gives us an insight on fanatic people, I finished this book understanding a bit more why some people would be so desperate, so deeply hurt that they woulld want destroy other people lives.

No matter what efforts Dr Amine put forward to focus on his individual life he's forced to go back to his community. He's part of them no matter the level of success he has accomplished. The poor people living in Israel are fighting the way they know how, for them dying is now a mission of honor. Yasmina describes a cousine of Dr Amine who was sweet and entirely devoted to her grandfather until the day the army came and destroyed her family house after a sibbling of hers became a terrorist.She saw this as an injustice and decided to become herself a kamikaze.
Bref I would def' recomand reading this book Yasmina Khadra is a beautiful lyrical writer, the way he describes smells, scenes, emotions is delicious as apple compote.

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You can catch Yasmina and Zemmour in action, HERE

Djaa our brothas from Algeria are truly talented:)
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