Wednesday, January 13, 2010


Sorry guys,my home net connection was not working properly..that's why I've gone M.I.A on y'all:) I'm de retour..hope you guys are having a beautiful week.let's gooo:)

Writing about Pepe Oleka is long time overdue, her music simply speaks to me.
I connect with her voice even if I don't speak her language.
Pepe is mixed, her mum is from Benin and her papa from Nigeria and yes u can be mixed and still look black. She was born in Naija, and raised in Lome. She currently resides in France.
On top of being a fly singer, Pepe also plays the udu (a tradional instrument from Benin), percussions,maracas,the calebasse and other instruments..

As a youngster she was always involved in music talent shows,singing in church or on the Lome streets..basically she's an authentic singer.
She collaborated in the past with a lot of artists especially hip hop benenise artists such as H20 Assouka,BMG Yari..ect
I love her, I know she may be underated..but sometimes those artists are the best, I can tell that she puts her whole heart into her work..
Here's her webpage:
U can check out the video for Houenou, HERE (love this song)

Djaa my sisters from Benin sont dedans:)
Eyeee Wayee:)

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