Saturday, September 05, 2009


Marula fruit can be eaten fresh and turned into juices as well, never had it I'm curious lol
Mazhanje ,One of the most popular fruit in Zimbabwea

No need to explain right?
Baobap cereal bar

Goyave mmmm love it (I'm fasting haaa)

Man up to today, I've never heard of marula,mazhanje,masau fruits, God is Amazing really:)
Well if just like me, you've never heard about these fruits, Tulimara a Zimbabwean African speciality food company may be the answer.
They sell jellies and jams, snacks,canned foods,cereals.
Tulimara is a company that respects the ethical principles of fair traide and give a chance to people in need to be respectably employed.
Tulimara boosts the local Zimbabwean economy by hiring within and by selling and using the country natural ressources, A+ by my book:)

Here's their webbie:

Djaa my people from Zimbabwea sont trop dedans:)
Eyeee Wayee:)


ShonaVixen said...

wow...mazhanje jelly!! thanks for lemme spread the word!!

Shingayi said...

Love me some marula and mazhange!! You have to visit Zim to try them out. Love the concept of creating specialty food from wild fruits!