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The Bandjoun Station Home
Torture in Guantanamo

Bandjoun Station, wall design

Self Explanatory

Love the use of the plastic shopping bag as a boubou

The Game

Barthelemy Toguo, I mean where do you start with a man who paints, does ceramic work, photography, collages, installations, a philantrophist, an artist, I think he's just life!

Why do I say that because he doesn't stop, he follows his instincts where they lead him next.

He was born in Cameroon, studied at the Ecole of the Beaux Arts of Abidjan, in Grenobles,Germany..

Starting from the early nineties to today his work has been exhibited in so many different cities of this world that if I were to start naming them , we will be here until tomorow.

Barthelemy wanted to create a special place in his home country of Cameroun 3kms away from Bafoussam where artists, painters, choreographers, singers, ect could share their projects , work on their individual projects, hold events ect. This huge property is divived in 2: a museum and an art center. Mr Toguo believes that it's our duty as Africans to improve all aspects of our lives on the cultural side and on the economical side, that's why he also decided to allocate three hectars of land for agricultural purposes.

Along his career he's also had the chance to meet many people from various parts of the world, living different experiences and he wanted to give them a chance to talk about their realities through his "Head above water" project which a serie of postcards he sent himself from the 4 corners of the world...

I love this man's spirit and I hope it inspires you in your own lives

Here's the webbie:
Here's a video presentation of some of his painting work:
Djaaa my brothas from Cameroun sont trop dedans:)
Eyeee Wayee:)

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