Thursday, September 10, 2009


Pic courtesy of Delano NY

Le farot de la go de Guinee Equatoriale

Feel the passion
Concha B and Chuchu Valdes

Pic courtesy of Delano NY

Pic courtesy of Madli

I hope that those of you who live in NY had the chance to go see the fabulous Concha Buika.

I've already talked about her on this blog but just in case....

The Latin Grammy Awards nominated singer is originally from Guinea Equatorial but calls Spain home, this is where she grew up and started her career as flamenco/jazz/rumba/soul.

She's a huge star in Spain, Mexico and the rest of the Latin world with three albums under her arms, she sings with amazing passion the traditional copla songs(songs of love gone wrong most of the time)

Within the industry she counts so many fans; Cuban legend Chuchu Valdez, Nelly Furtado with whom she recorded a song, Mariza,Gloria Estefan ect...

She's a fav' on my personal ipod, listening to her always put a smile on my face:)
Check her out here:
Webbies of interest:
Djaa les gos de Guinea Equatorial sont trop dedans:)
Eyeee Waye:)


Assen said...

Yep she is fantastic and her music oh my!! I will have to find a concert of hers in Spain. Thanks for the reminder.

Khady Beye said...

Thanks for this, she'll probably be a a favorite on Durala soon :)