Saturday, September 05, 2009


Post Edit: I just wanted to say that I was touched that you were touched by this post for those of you who left coments, Muslim or not , it's a beautiful thing to see that faith is not overrated , I thank you for your tolerance and your encouragements:)
ummer is almost over, it's ramadan for us Muslims and as usual it's a beautiful time if you decide to pay attention,it's marvelous to see people going to the mosk to praise God, to see families united over food, to hear people ask you how you are doing if the ramadan this year is not too hard for you ?

his ramadan I'm learning to stand still and to feel .... feel myself.....hear what my body is telling me, hear what my tears are telling me, figure out how to move on from disapointment while still smiling at life, to be thankful for things or people.I have an adorable mother who's so supportive of the things that I do for example, a lot of women don't have that person who is always on your corner no matter what.

Other years I used to eat like there was no tomorrow when it was time to cut the fast, wrong thing to do lol, this year I'm enjoying smaller portions and listening to my body...
I hope for the ones of you who are fasting that you are learning about yourself:)



xoliquoricexo said...

have a beautiful ramadan :-)


soukho said...

Even if I can't fast, the Ramadan period is very important to me: I usually pray more and am also more grateful for the little things or persons that are around me.
Bon Ramadan.

Clare said...

Ramadan Kareem!

Naylaah said...

Ramadan Kareem, we did half of the time that's good!

Nana said...

Hey hun. Fasting can be a very beautiful experience,although I am not doing Ramadan, I encourage you in this experience, honey. I hope you learn a lot about 'you' and your faith.

Nuuwal 182 said...

Indeed I do feel the beauty of this blessed month. I swear since every night since Ramadan has the started we've had the most peaceful and beautiful of nights. Can't wait till laylatul Qadr.

Ramadan Mubarak to everyone :)

Anonymous said...

This was beautiful and I wish you a blessed Ramadan and one that is accepted by God. The stillness and contemplation you touch upon are beautiful and necessary and so good for the self.
On top of that, another blessing during this month is one's closeness to God. The beauty of leaving out food, drink, sexual relationships and other basic needs solely for God. We might not realise that but that's love, true love. To be asked to do it and to say, I obey. That is why I feel like it is a month of thanks, of gratitude and of repentance. Moreover, it is a month of raising hands to God and asking for whatever we want to ask fo and it will be granted.
This is my favorite period of the year for the physical and spiritual cleansing it brings.

Michael St. James said...


Simplicity said...

What a beautiful picture! You, your hands in the air and the background are making one wonderful photo.

I hope you and your family enjoy the Ramadan and stay in good health, God willing.

Khady Beye said...

It's indeed always a great time to reflect on oneself, on what matters and what shouldn't.
Hope you had a great Ramadan and deweneti ;)