Saturday, July 04, 2009


"I am thankfull to Allah(swt) Alhamdulilah that i was blessed to listen to ur vocal love and torment...I've never heard words spoken so bluntly yet ironicly piercing my heart...U are a special talent Warsan..I'm a fan without question..Bless Ma'salaam...Jamal."
"Never have I seen nor heard such beauty...ur words touch me, ur beauty captures me and ur spirit shines...."
"Your are amazing, and your delivery of words sends more meaning than the actual words itself (if that makes sense) keep doing what you do!"

These are the type of messages, fans of this young Somali artistic activist and poet are leaving her on her facebook fan page...impressive:)

She lives in London where she is a student, as a social and artistic activist and poet, she's known for her strong delivery, beautiful use and play of words, sincerity, authenticity..she has the gift of being able to touch people with her words...
One of Warsan's mentor noted poet Amir Sulaiman invited her to join him on whom she toured on his tour called " Dangerous Ideas"

She's also in the process of having her first book published...I like the fact that she's giving a positive image of Islam by being simply her:)

Warsan took part into a poetry contest called the April Poetry Challenge where the contestants were asked t write for 30 days a poem each day, and I've decided to share with you the one that speaks the most to my soul, it's called :

Day twelve

this was before you were born

before the women
came home
with hair soaked in blood

before your father understood
that the weight of your mothers thigh
reminded him of an ak 47

before the bald headed women
of manakobia
fled the asylums

before someone let the prisoners free
and the virgins came back with bleeding skirts

before half brothers shot eachother
in the face

and new widows set fire to

and the mosques smelt of rape

and batteries were pushed into women
and children were pulled out

before the streets lost their names
and tribe became god

before we carried machetes in our mouths
and surnames in our pockets

baby, would you believe me
if i told you that home was beautiful?

Here's her webbie:
You can also hear and see this talented African sista here:

I would like to thank miss Sunrise Waaberi for introducing me to her work, diaramaaa sista:)

Djaa my Somali sistas sont dedans:)
Eyeee Wayee:)

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udee said...

Oh wow!! I def have to look her up now!! Thanks for this ... she's awesome and soooo honest. Love it!!

I think I need to try that challenge ...