Thursday, July 23, 2009


Doing the floral look very well
Pic courtesy of Johnypez

Hot pink

Love the skirt

Love the jacket and veste combination
Pic courtesy of Ruthyf

Love the tights and the dress combination

Blue as sky
Pic courtesy of Pelletier

Zolani Mahalo is the lead singer of the south African group , Freshlyground.
I've been a fan of her style for a while now, I love her love for vivacious colors, I love that she's not afraid to show her curves, so for those of you who want to see more curvacious women on this blog, I hope this makes your day:)

Djaa my sistas from SA are true fabulafricanas:)
Eyee Wayee:)


Amina said...

en tout cas elle defie les standards de la mode et beaute.
je n oserai pas porter certains hauts a cause de mon ventre si rond mais elle, woow....j admiiiire et j aurai voulu avoir son culot, genre je m'en fous, je suis belle avec mes rondeurs!
she's a beautiful woman!

soukho said...

Amina I feel the same way, apparently she's proud of her figure and I also like her style.

Clare said...

I love Freshlyground! And this is a truly beautiful woman. A woman with personality, with attitude, in short a real woman.

udee said...

I would love to see more artists like her in the mainstream!!

peacewest said...

your blog is inspiration .
im proud to be nigerian, and i lvoe how you showcase our success .
im really diggin zolani's style :D

Gatto999 said...

Great !...
Compliments !...

Ciao from Italy

Hadassah said...

I love women who arecomfortable in their own skin