Wednesday, February 04, 2009


I hate having to say that word but...Fierce okayyy:)
This pic reminds me of that song "I am a Jamaican in New York ooooo"lol

Tolula by Absolut Masquerade
Like the top
She has her own sense of style which works for her

Getting down with it

Brits fashionistas

She's a cutie

Loving the brown color of her hair -it does change her a bit

I've noticed this young lady last year and always meant to write about her but never got to it..This 24 years old Nigerian young woman is making a name for herself on the British scene with her contract with the luxurious British sportswear line Hary...
She reminds me of Eva the Diva not just because of her hair color but her atitude..chick has def' star power...And just to prove it , Vivienne Westood calls her new muse..
She acts, she djs ...bref she enjoys the opportunies she's given..
no one can blame her for that:)
On the love amour side of things, she has been linked to Jude Law true or not true I don't know but it has been reported..

Djaa my sistas from Nigeria sont dedans:)
Eyeee Wayee:)

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nneoma said...

i am totally digging her hair as well...