Wednesday, February 04, 2009


This must be great stuff keeps coming back through my research for nipple butter..:)

Belly Casting kit for some of you who may want to have a great memory of your pregnancy
Body Scrub, New mamas enjoy the smell of coconut , bergamot and juniper on your skin...:)

Boob tube firming bust cream

I don't know if you'll have the time during labor but it's supposed to help you relax and stay focused how...simply this product is made of chamomille , calendula , lavender oil ..during labor your partner could massage your back , hands and feet

This product is made of calendula olive oil which help heal chapped nipples, for those like me who didn't know calendula petals are mixed in with olive oil to obtain this good product

During the beautiful phase of pregnancy good skin care is essential..
Pregnancy is also that time when women feel the most beautiful inside
and out of course there are countless exceptions but for the most part it's a soothing and blessed time in the life of a woman..
Here are a few cool products for yourselves or for expecting
mothers around you!


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soukho said...

Hey Marieme,
Another tip is to use natural shea butter, and I mean the natural shea that comes straight out from the tree. When I was pregnant with my daughter my mom send me some shea butter and I used it all over my body especially on my belly and on the sides every single night, I must admit that it was very difficult because i had to put on long sleeves clothes so that I would not leave a mess on my bed but it was totally worth it, i only got a few stretch marks and they are not even visible.
Go for natural, pass it along.
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