Sunday, August 15, 2010


When 2 bloggers meet:)

Taste of Senegalese cuisine at Loutcha
Don't mess w/Vickie she def' knows how to handle hers in a Senegalese market

Salone money

In one of my fav' shop in Dakar

She found the time to work...independent woman in the house!

Def' one of the highlights of my summer was spending time some time with Miss Vickie Remoe.
You may have read the piece I wrote regarding this fabulous blogger, radio and tv presenter but if you haven't , check under Sierra Leone on the right side of the bloggie..
Meeting her and spending some time with her meant for me being inspired again:
Vickie is full of life a strong and spicy Fabulafricana sista.
After a long stay in the States she returned back to her Swit Salone with the sole objective to give back in some shape and form...
The Vickie Remoe tv show and her blog uplifting the Salone youth were just a few outlets she found to do that for now:)

Over some great taste of Senegalese cuisine and a short trip to the Kermel Market of Dakar we took the time to get to know each other and I discovered a courageous and determined sista .
It's refreshing to see an African sista so full of energy with a great zest of passion in her life..yes it's difficult as African women to leave our marks in fairly new industries(blog, internet shows)...but women like her make me want to push some more and more.

By the way fellas Vickie is gorgeous, beautiful lips & eyes , great and contagious smile, funky and African roots sense of fashion..def' reppin haut la main her country.
While at Kermel Market, we bumped into a Senegalese man who lived in Sierra Leone most of his life but left during the war. While conducting an interview with this man, I discovered another side of this sis.In front of the mic, she transformed into this sweet yet assertive amazone who would make any criminal confess his crime,she has great comand and has the it-capacity to make the people she interviews feel comfortable in front of the mic...def'a fan:)
Inch'Allah God willing I'll find my way in sweet Salone in the near future.
Here's her blog:

Djaa my Swit Salone sistas sont dedans:)
Eyee Wayee:)


Amina said...

omg!!J'adooore le resto La Loutcha!!!!
quelle belle rencontre :)

MyAfricanDiaspora said...

Also a big fan of Vickie's show. Living in America, it keep me connected with whats going on back in Salone. Wish I had visited that shop you mentioned when I was in Dakar. :-)

TL said...

Great blog lady, you gave us a very colorful, and lively view into the beauty/culture of Dakar.

Thanks for taking the time to do it, we hope more American women will visit Africa because of you.