Wednesday, August 25, 2010


Lovely color

Mmm Orange River

Sobre and elegant packaging

How lovely is it to come home after a long day at work, turn around , kick off our shoes, light up a beautiful candle which subtle scent and color reminding us of our Africa.
Well Valerie Bietlot a Belgian woman dreamed of that dream during her stay in Tanzania and made it happen.
The Baobap candle collection has been in existence since 2004 but I'm just discovering it..this goes to show you that we discover new things everyday:)
Of course it's a luxury line offering candles, diffusers, incense,wick trimmers so expect prices to start of from 24$ to 150 and up depending on your budget and what you are looking for.
They offer different sizes of candles from the mini to the maxi max. It seems like this candle brand is a fav' of interior designers looking to add a splash of sobriety and class to the homes of their clients.
I haven't had the chance to smell them yet but if the fragrances names are any indication:
Pierre de Lune,Zanzibar spices,Orange River,Masaai spirit,white rino....
we are def' in for a scented treat.
Here's their webbie:

Djaa we can decorate our homes with lovely scented candles inspired by our Africa:)
Eyeee Wayeee:)


t'as le look coco said...

I've just bought one the masaai spirit delicious and i also like the white rino all the fragance are amazing !!
i think i'm gonna bring some in senegal next december but here in france the lower price is 55e snif even if it worth it it's hurts lol! said...

Never heard of these,thanks for mentioning,will check them out.Nice blog!Kudos from Tanzania interior design/decoration blogger!

scented candle said...

I like your collection of luxury candles. These candles are also free from harmful toxins.