Wednesday, August 25, 2010


Attention Fabulafricana mamas and papas, new African cartoon characters for your little ones, twin brother and sister Bino & Fino are sure to keep your little ones laughing and entertained the African way:)
The smart people at the creative design studio in Lagos EVLC had the brilliant idea to start this new adventure, they were tired of not seeing us, our children, cartoons by us for us and the rest of the they took they courage in their hands and are heavy at work , working hard to produce a cartoon of educational and entertainment merit. This short story was written by Sola and Kunle Dada and Adamu Waziri.
I love the idea of using Wole Sonyinka as inspiration for the grandpa character , a full figured woman as the grandma character, twin brotha and sister with their natural and kinky hair.
They would love to hear from you so do not hesitate to visit their various sites:)
Here's their blog:
Here's their youtube chanel:

Djaa my Nigerian people sont dedans:)
Eyeee Wayeee:)


EVCL said...

Hi, Yaye. Thanks for mentioning us and Bino and Fino.Sometimes we feel we've bitten off a little more than we can handle but we intend to have some fun making the cartoon. One thing though, we're actually in the 'little' town of Abuja and not Lagos!But hey, it's all Nigeria. Did you know Dora is also the name of our Minister for Information? Nigerians will laugh when they see the title of your post.

All the best,

LaPenseuse said...

This is soooo cool... its about time children start watch our own stuff :)

EVCL said...

We really agree with that sentiment!

Dee O. said...

This look awesome, I can't wait to watch it!!! It's about time Nigerians made a cartoon :)

feel free to check out my blog:

Adamu said...

Thanks Dee O. Glad you liked it. There actually quite a few of us Nigerian animators out there trying to produce content. It's not easy but I'm positive about the upcoming years. I did check out your blog. Good Good stuff!Loved the interview with the twins.And I also got hooked to your playlist.I have a 3GB/month internet limit and I nearly used it all listening to yours and Yaye's music playlist.